For all of the enterprise cloud based services now out on the market, James Staten wrote on Forrester's blog that many seem to be failing. He said IT operations team were told to make it work, companies have purchased the cloud and it still is not being used by developers. Why? The way many companies approach the deployment of the cloud is wrong, Staten said. 

"You're asking the wrong people to build the solution," he said. "You aren't giving them clear enough direction on what they should build. You aren't helping them understand how this new service should operate or how it will affect their career and value to the organization. And more often than not you are building the private cloud without engaging the buyers who will consume this cloud."

The approach that must be taken is perfectly logical to those in the IT business, Staten said. To get the private cloud deployment right, companies may have to step away from the full solution and start with the best ways to get value from it from the perspective of those who will be using it.

Cost reduction is a popular reason for many to be using the cloud, as MSPmentor wrote that a recent report by SilverSky shows that most are moving to the cloud to save costs. However, it has to be usable for those who will be working with it.