Although many companies adopt cloud computing services without sufficient planning, Heather Clancy wrote on ZDNet that due diligence is always a good way to go. One of the best ways to make sure cloud based services will meet expectations is by surveying employees to make sure they know about and want to use the cloud.

There are also a lot of members of the "shadow IT," or early adopters outside of the IT department, that Ken Copas, cloud services director at GlassHouse Technologies, said the company should transform business processes. Organizations should look to include employees in the discussion, as Copas said they may use their devices or clouds on the company network regardless of company policy.

"These things will happen more and more because [employees] are used to doing things in certain ways and that is what they have come to expect," he said.

Margaret Dawson, Hewlett-Packard's vice president of product marketing for HP Public Cloud said at a recent cloud conference that there is not a single, clear definition of shadow IT, but companies should assess the relationship between employee cloud users and the IT department to get a better understanding of this technology at their company.