Finding a cloud computing solutions provider may seem like a difficult proposition, but it may become easier once an organization has a good process in place. Tim Lohman spoke with's technology services manager Damian Fasciani to see what his process was for adopting cloud based services.

"When we started looking over due diligence a couple of years ago, one of the things I did was create a due diligence process internally with different categories on what you need to do when you want to migrate to cloud - how you can have a structured approach when talking with vendors," Fasciani said.

Fasciani told Lohman this was essential for setting up cloud based services successfully. Other factors to look at as part of diligence should include security, infrastructure, what kind of data can be stored and used with the provider, a return on investment assessment and looking at the stability of the vendor itself.

Business Solutions said organizations should look into the backup specifications the cloud provider has in place as well, as there could be certain intricacies companies need to avoid to not get locked into a long-term contract.