There is no need to rush when it comes to the adoption of cloud computing services. Enterprises should be looking into the cloud but also be aware that it needs to be done slowly and methodically to get the best possible results. An important factor, according to David Linthicum, is safety, so companies should first look to pick a system or set of data to migrate that has low visibility in the enterprise.

"You should pick a system that won't sink the business if it's taken out of service for small periods of time," he wrote on the website. "An example might be factory maintenance data management. Keep in mind that you'll commit at least six mistakes in your first cloud migration, so you should make sure they're low-impact errors."

Other than this, organizations need to make sure whatever they are migrating to the cloud has low security requirements and will not have any compliance issues if a snag is caught. Whatever the company chooses should also be less complex and smaller so that the business can slowly build up what it works into the cloud.

Businesses may want to take a look at releases from organizations like the ISACA, which can help guide a safe migration. ISACA recommends companies meet legal requirements, guarantee the physical security of computers and servers, and make sure the provider is good to go before adopting any solution.