A new study hopes to examine the effects of increased data growth and government best practices on effective data security measures.

The study is being carried out by research firm CTOlabs in the hope that it will lead to concrete recommendations for new best practices.

According to CTOlabs, data security policies are affected by a variety of factors, including increasing data compliance requirements, growing data volumes, strict standards and agreements, as well as increased use of cloud computing.

Information technology professionals are being invited to take part in the study by accessing an online survey.

Bob Gourley, primary investigator for CTOlabs, expressed hope that the findings of the study will prove useful for data security in the enterprise. "We believe the time is right for this research to be utilized within the federal ecosystem, as data requirements explode and the government is under increased scrutiny," he said. "We believe the results will provide unique insight into backup and recovery best practices."

As organizations increasingly shift to cloud computing solutions, data security requirements are changing significantly. The Cloud Industry Forum recently launched a new code of practice for the industry in an attempt to begin standardizing data security practices.