In predictions for what will happen to cloud computing in 2012, IT industry veteran Udayan Banerjee wrote in a recent blog post that while the basic cloud premise of economy of scale, pay-per-use and better sharing will remain in tact, adoption may be a bit slower than many predict. At the same time, he said there may be a difference in this time next year with how people think of the cloud.

Even with cloud being adopted at "a snail's pace," he does believe there will be a shift in why people are adopting the cloud. Instead of cost savings and flexibility being the main reasons for businesses making their way into cloud computing, he cites surveys by IBM and CSC, which say mobile has become the new reason to adopt.

In the IBM survey, 51 percent of respondents said adopting cloud technology is part of their mobile strategy. The CSC survey shows that 33 percent adopted cloud primarily for the ability to access business information from any device, whereas only 17 percent adopted the technology to save money.

"The implication is that cloud computing is becoming an enabler for mobility and mobility is the big thing," Banerjee writes. "Cloud computing becomes a means to an end."