Nothing is perfect, and cloud based services are no exception. Peter Wayner wrote on InfoWorld that there are some sticky situations in the cloud that companies will need  wade through, including machine performance not being uniform. However, if companies look into these problems and solve them early, the cloud can be a great tool for businesses to use and thrive with.

"The one thing the benchmarks have taught me is that machines behave quite differently," he wrote. "Even if you buy an instance with the same amount of RAM running the same version of the operating system, you'll find startlingly different performance. There are different chips and different hypervisors running underneath everything. Then the companies can load up their boxes with different numbers of virtual machines."

Other aspects of the cloud include:
- The number of choices in the cloud is great, so businesses must figure out what they want before making a move
- Software as a service is not easy to price; companies need to have a range of what they are looking to spend and abide by that until there is a higher level of comfort
- Integrated solutions must be well secured, as not doing so creates risk

GovHealthIT said no matter which cloud based services a business wants to go with, they must choose carefully. This could potentially determine which risks they encounter and how they will need to cover for them going forward.