While TechTarget said cloud computing adoption has been slow by enterprise IT professionals, 2012 may be a year where the technology finally gains a solid footing.

The website said its 2012 IT Priorities Survey found that 24.1 percent of enterprises are looking to grow their expenditures for cloud computing over the next year, adding that 27 percent said cloud computing would be a highly important investment over the next year. An additional 53 percent said cloud projects have medium importance.

“We’ve done enough investing in infrastructure-level products and virtualization, along with exploring options for cloud strategies,” said Len Barney, a purchasing agent with a large transportation company in Jacksonville, Florida, according to the news source. “Next year is when we’ll move forward with implementing our first significant cloud, which will be a hybrid [cloud model].  It’s been a long time coming, but we’re there now.”

Companies looking to get into cloud computing may need to increase mobility, according to Juniper Research. The company said mobile consumer cloud revenues will reach $6.5 billion by 2016, making it an extremely popular way to go.