Every company moving through the adoption process of cloud based services must be sure they have every question in line that they need to ask to ensure that a provider is right for them. Cloud executive Craig Allen recently gave some sample questions and explained why companies need to know them to ZDNet, including whether or not the company still needs an IT staff.

"If you have a look at the average IT department, you have got the infrastructure - the physical equipment - the operations staff who make the equipment run, do backups, do patches, do firmware and go through the checklist every day, and every week and every month and do exactly the same things," Allen said. "Then you have the developers and business analysts."

Other questions include:

  • What kind of performance is offered?
  • Will the company be able to grow further with this option?
  • Is there a proper level of support in place?
  • Are prices being correctly quoted?

TechRepublic said costs are an important question, especially to figure out the pricing structure the provider has in place and how different resources are charged. This may make a big difference in how expensive each cloud computing option is.