Before jumping into any business decision, companies should first look to see if it will work for them. Cloud computing is no exception, and ZDNet said each company needs to ask itself some questions before moving into a cloud computing solution. The first, and perhaps most important question that needs to be asked is, "does the cost benefit justify the disruption?"

"Data center migrations are disruptive, costly, and complicated," the news source said. "Tightly coupled mission-critical systems that make up the minority of the data center take the most time and expense to migrate. Though savings range from project to project and will vary by organization, the greatest savings will be found with labor, hardware, and software. The key is that the cost benefit outweighs the disruption the migration will cause."

Other things companies need to look at before moving to the cloud include how much capacity they will use, whether applications require specific pieces of hardware to function, if data regulatory hurdles are too big and if there are any big reasons not to use the cloud.

Many reports have come out saying cloud computing can have a positive effect if adopted correctly. BT Engage IT said cloud computing had a very good year in 2011, with 70 percent of chief information officers surveyed in a study commissioned by the company saying cloud computing technology had a positive effect on their business after adoption.