Although cloud based services can bring a lot to the table, the technology's value can be diminished with effective policies to guide implementation and use. Industry professional David Linthicum wrote on InfoWorld that the applications of cloud computing solutions must be in line with business requirements, as many companies will end up purchasing a solution that has a lot of hype behind it but not much substance.

"However, the value of cloud computing is not about efficiency of hardware and software in the cloud versus that of hardware and software you own," he wrote. "It's the ability to quickly get things going (aka time to market) and the ability to quickly change things as the business demands. This is the concept of agility, which is often bandied about as a cool buzzword but ultimately misunderstood."

One problem that may arise, according to Linthicum, is if organizations view cloud based services as something which will either add a large amount to a company or add nothing. Each situation will be different depending on how the business has implemented the cloud, so organizations must measure and evaluate the technology's impact on operations.

Implementing a cloud: Best practices
Bill Claybrook wrote on TechTarget that companies must implement cloud based services to account for any security problems that may pop up. The first essential step is to plan adoption prior to making an investment. After this is all decided, the company must figure out how the implementation will be set.

"If you do your own implementation (not advised), you need good in-house expertise," he wrote. "You also have the option to contract professional services in private cloud vendors to do the implementation (very expensive), or hire a third party consultant to work with a private cloud vendor."

Other steps, as suggested by Claybrook, include:
- Know the stages of implementation, starting with server virtualization and having tools in place for monitoring how everything is working
- Train employees for how to work with the new platform and technology as soon as possible
- Work with groups within the business to satisfy any needs they may have
- Consider how the cloud will be expanded or moved into different environments