Chinese companies' adoption of cloud computing technology may be poised to grow during the next few years, and if it does, the role of the CIO will change, according to ZDNet's View from China blog.

“CIOs need not care too much about the title CIO," said Lei Wanyun, CIO of China Pharmaceutical Group and an author of two cloud computing books. "They should keep increasing their own value along with the development of cloud computing, thus integrating IT with corporations’ business.”

ZDNet said it interviewed multiple CIOs to see how the role may change with the advent of cloud computing in China. Some changes include CIOs keeping track of new technology, such as mobile devices, having more of an influence on business decisions and public perception, as well as a greater focus on information rather than information technology.

Bernard Golden of said more than changing the role of CIOs, cloud computing may be able to add more jobs to the IT workforce. He believes it will increase the amount of computation done and therefore increase the amount of people in the workfroce.