The growth of cloud computing storage should continue well into 2012, according to a post on Network Computing. Carl Brooks, an analyst for Tier1 Research, said there could be many "cloud gateway" products to let people slowly make their way into a cloud solution.

“At this point, customers are usually fine with not knowing much about their infrastructure," Brooks said, according to the news source. "As cloud computing techniques continue to become mainstream, enterprises are going to be very demanding of their vendors. Simply parking an array in the datacenter is no longer good enough. Customers want true, fully virtualized, automated, and discrete cloud storage solutions with APIs and hybrid capabilities."

Brooks said 2012 will see people flip the script on their vendors and ask for improved situations instead of the other way around. Data storage may have had a big part in this, as many people saw the advantage of the cloud last year after trying storage.

Paul Mah writes on IT Business Edge that 2012 will have a cloud computing storage revolution. The gap in price will become even wider and Mah believes more businesses will start to see how much they can save in the cloud.