Going a step beyond mobile device management, Maribel Lopez, founder of Lopez Research, writes on Forbes that cloud computing mobility management could be a great way to help manage the heavy flow of mobile devices into business.

"Mobility management runs the gamut from device management, to mobile application management, secure document sharing, and even mobile expense management," she said. "Many companies I speak with don’t think of cloud and mobility together. In fact, these two trends can support each other nicely."

Lopez said there are several benefits to this approach, including only needing one console to rule every device, letting a company be flexible in how it manages these devices, being able to rapidly deploy this service and multiple devices with quick support updates.

ComputerWorld quotes an executive from a mobile device management company who said 76 percent of CIOs say employee-owned mobile devices cause "security headaches." Companies should look to get ahead of and stop these headaches by having a quality management system, whether it be in the cloud or otherwise.