IT department leaders are finally starting to warm up to cloud computing services, according to a recent report. The Qumu study found that 44.4 percent of CIOs are going to start moving into cloud based services within the next year, with 33.4 percent of IT management professionals saying this will include at least half of their applications.

"The results showing that large enterprises are more inclined to Cloud applications is somewhat surprising," said Ray Hood, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Qumu. "Some may expect large companies to be concerned with Cloud security. We believe that larger companies have more history with IT outsourcing and see the Cloud as the logical next step."

A majority of CIOs now approve of the cloud, as the Qumu report showed that 54.5 percent have said there are real benefits in moving their applications into a cloud solution, with 30 percent saying the biggest benefit of a move to the cloud based services is the added security.

CIO Insight said at this point, the adoption of cloud computing services makes "simple business sense" and well-informed CIOs are starting to realize this. It will not be long before even greater numbers of CIOs are using the cloud model, as the Qumu study showed that 60 percent of large companies see benefits in using a cloud-based solution.