While many companies have focused on private cloud computing in an effort to try and keep their information more secure, Bernard Golden, vice president of Enterprise Solutions for enStratus Networks, writes on Computerworld that companies should have the public cloud in their strategy as well.

"Compared to the traditional provisioning lifecycle, public cloud computing dramatically reduces resource availability timeframes," Golden writes for the website. "Given this dramatic contrast, business units have received green light to authorize their developers to use public cloud computing."

Golden said the reality is that every IT organization is going to have to have a private and public cloud strategy, which may present some challenges but will be an all-around better strategy for the use of the cloud. The pace of application visioning should be much quicker than it was, and the hybrid cloud approach with public and private makes this easier.

Wired.com said 2012 could be the year of hybrid cloud computing. The website said measures to bring in both kinds of clouds will grow more aggressive this year and clients drive to a greater connectedness and openness to cloud computing.