With cloud computing gaining steam across many industries, businesses are looking into their options and learning about how to integrate the technology into their operations. Peter Job, the CEO at Intergence, an IT infrastructure technology company, said companies should do a "health check" before making their way into the cloud.

"Before jumping into the cloud, organizations must take a look at it's current assets and review how they can be optimized," Job said. "Taking a new approach and carrying out a full health check prior to taking the leap to the cloud will save time and money by starting to plan a cloud migration strategy."

Job said that if intelligent business decisions are made before moving into the cloud, there will be a better chance of a company being successful in the cloud. Businesses should make sure they know exactly what they want to move into the cloud and how they can work with the new technology once it is implemented.

According to an estimate by IDC, businesses will start flocking to cloud computing in the next few years, as the company predicts the market growing to $72.9 billion by 2015. Businesses would all be wise to look at themselves before adopting the new technology.