This is a big year for IT departments everywhere, as different kinds of invasive technology is starting to make its way into companies big and small. Serena Software announced the results of its annual survey, which spoke with senior-level IT executives across multiple industries and found 48 percent thought better alignment was the top priority for departments, moreso than cloud computing services and costs.

"This year's survey clearly indicates that IT has reached its goal of being seen as just as important to overall company success as the other key business groups," said Miguel Tam, senior product marketing manager at Serena Software. "With that responsibility comes expectations, however, and now IT has a whole new level of challenges. In order to deliver on these new business-focused expectations, IT requires an integrated, end-to-end process for IT to repeatedly and consistently deliver quality apps."

The results, from about 100 respondents, also showed:
- 47 percent reported they are improving their release management systems
- 59 percent want to deliver applications faster as their top priority
- 62 percent believe management application development is very-to-extremely important

Constellation Research found that mobile analytics, cloud computing solutions and big data analytics were the three biggest disruptive trends of the new year.