Bring your own device has taken on a life of its own and is now a legitimate solution for businesses, according to Business 2 Community. It can be hard figuring out endpoint security for a BYOD system, but the news source said cloud computing solutions, software-as-a-service specifically, can help businesses protect their data.

"Using SaaS solutions on BYOD computers and smartphones means that your organization doesn’t have to worry about data stored on an employee’s personal device - because almost no data is stored there," the website said. "The company IT department doesn’t have to worry about installing SaaS applications on employees’ personal hardware (or keeping that software running on every possible BYOD system), as there is no software to install. The time and capital costs of maintaining hardware simply don’t exist in a BYOD+SaaS organization."

Business 2 Community said this system isn't without it's risks, so companies cannot simply set it up and forget to secure both the cloud and devices. However, SaaS allows the IT department to focus on compliance, security and backing up data rather than other time-wasting tasks, such as repairing devices.

Cloud Ecosystem said other benefits of cloud based services and BYOD include the ability to secure data within the cloud instead of spreading it out over many different devices, and workers gain the freedom of being able to work wherever they want or need to.