Keeping a lot of questions in mind when moving to a new technology is important and cloud based services should be no exception. Scott Lowe, founder and managing consultant of the 1610 Group, spoke with Siliconangle and said that there is still a difficult choice to make when comparing on-premise and cloud solutions.

"Even though they may run fewer systems, these firms must maintain IT portfolios that look much like the portfolios from their larger enterprise brethren. Moreover, they have to do so with fewer people.  As such, IT staffers in these spaces often need to have a wider variety of skill sets, which may mean that they can't get as deep into a particular area as would be possible with more people."

Lowe outlined several essential questions to ask when making the decision:
- Does the business have the staff to run an in-house service?
- Are there services that require more specific talent on hand?
- What are the costs for in-house versus cloud computing solutions?

Another question that businesses must examine is how a cloud deployment will change their risk profile, according to While some solutions may mean more protection is needed, the website said companies can also see lowered security and business risks from using the cloud.