Before moving into a cloud computing solution, companies need to ask some important questions of their provider, according to information security journalist Davey Winder on CloudPro.

"Your business will already, I hope, have a really good handle on how best to secure that data and so when it comes to cloud migration you just need to take that experience, that knowledge and that expectation of security to the provider and insist it is applied in this new environment," he said. Winder added that service level agreements are extremely important for businesses moving into the cloud and shouldn't be signed unless it is everything a business wants.

Questions Winder believes should be asked include the physical location of where the data will be, how it will be stored, what kind of encryption measures will be used and how the data will be backed up. The company should keep their own form of security as well but also make sure to know exactly how the provider secures information in the cloud.

Ramon Ray writes on SmallBizTechnology that other questions to ask when moving to a cloud computing solution include asking about the company's reputation, evaluating the company's customer service and even testing out the service before making a final purchase.