Companies that want to fully transition to a cloud-based system need to take a proactive role in educating employees on how to use the technology most effectively, reported Australian website Dynamic Business.

The website said less than 15 percent of companies are currently fully implemented in the cloud, so teaching those within the company what is involved in using and sharing information on the new platform could be a great first step. Other steps, according to the source, include establishing and researching the needs of the business before implementing the cloud, using the risks to set up good policies, prioritizing information going into the cloud and starting as soon as possible.

"Cloud computing does indeed offer significant benefits - these have been proven by many organizations around the globe," David Dzienciol, vice president of channels and SMBs for Symantec in Asia and Pacific Japan, writes on the website. "However, unlike simpler technologies, businesses will need to meet the change with some adjustments. With careful planning and experienced consultation, more businesses will be ready to cross the line from consideration and into action."

According to Forrester Research and VMware, 67 percent of Australian businesses said they have cloud computing initiatives or services in place, which is up from 60 percent last year. This percentage may rise as more Australian businesses recognize the inherent benefits of adopting a cloud solution.