CEOs and information technology professionals must collaborate to optimize their company's computing resources. The process is likely to be very involved, and may hinge on how a business responds to the newest software technologies.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there are distinct areas a business must consider to improve IT usage. These sectors are continued integration of new technologies, standardizing information across all business-critical applications, a solid IT department and data accessibility for employees.

The recurrent theme of IT concerns, as reported by the news source, is the integration of new software technology, such as cloud computing. The virtualized platform may "make the company more efficient and better serve key customers."

Furthermore, the scalability of the cloud simplifies a business' IT improvements, which the media outlet described as "incremental." Cloud offerings can be bought and readily applied as the company expands, eliminating the need for expensive new servers every time it levels up.

According to Computerworld, cloud integration must be carefully monitored by IT technicians, as the ultimate goal for chief information officers remains information interoperability. If this integration is mismanaged, data exchange practices may cease to function properly.