The U.S government has been "aggressively" capitalizing on cloud based services, according to industry professional Sujatha Perepa on Wired, who said much this is due to the poor financial state that many agencies are currently in.

"These agencies are pressed to seek optimized business models while measuring their performance and service deliveries more closely - hence their inclination towards shared services," Perepa wrote. "While cloud deployments are mainly considered to contain costs by sharing services and infrastructures, government agencies have also devised innovative means of ensuring compliance across the enterprise."

Many critical government services now exist in the cloud, including improved IT consolidation, more is shared across agencies and even citizen-facing services. For example, residents can now more easily monitor energy and water levels in many areas, Perepa said. There can also be access to the status of service requests, such as applications and loans.

According to Market Research Media, the U.S. government will grow in their use of cloud based services 16 percent from 2013 to 2018. By the final year of this prediction, it is believed the amount spent on cloud computing solutions will be $10 billion.