A recent report by NetIndex found that U.S. consumer broadband speeds only rank 33rd in the world right now. This is a problem for the spread of cloud based services, as sufficient Internet speeds are necessary to spur innovation. Andrew Oliver, an IT professional and blogger for InfoWorld, said the country needs to improve, as costs are high and speeds are low.

"In the case of my business, we expect to have to upgrade this connection pretty rapidly as we expand - and, sadly, pay even more," he said. "This kind of a cost, plus the speed disadvantage, puts us on an uneven playing field with similar companies in other countries. Plus, in some rural areas of my state and the rest of the country, there is no broadband at all."

Oliver said the U.S. should be leading the world in cloud computing solutions, as many of those who started and innovated the technology reside here. However, the slow Internet speeds have hampered much of this, something that needs to be improved as time pushes on.

Clare Computer Solutions, a consulting company, said cloud based services rely on the speed of broadband. It is important for organizations to consider how fast their Internet will be before they adopt anything related to the cloud.