This upcoming year will be a pivotal and busy one for CIOs, as a report by the National Association of State CIOs, TechAmerica and Grant Thornton found that they will have to establish an effective balance between old and new technologies.

When asked about the alignment of statewide IT governance with the goals of the state, 57 percent of those polled said they were satisfied or very satisfied, while 19 percent said they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. When asked about the effectiveness of managing budgets, 45 percent said they were satisfied or very satisfied and 27 percent said they were dissatisfied.

"The search for funding for IT capital investments is leading state CIOs to pursue public-private partnerships," InformationWeek said of the report. "Almost half of respondents (47 percent) have at least one such arrangement, and 19 [percent] plan to pursue them."

Mobile devices and applications are also starting to become more important, as 57 percent said mobility or mobile apps are a high priority, with only 11 percent saying they are a low priority for their agency.

Cloud computing solutions are seeing some big advancements as well, the report said, with 56 percent of those surveyed saying they have some applications in the cloud, compared with 35 percent indicating that last year.