After a tumultuous 2009 and the plodding recovery mixed with fears of a double dip recession in 2010, IT executives expect the industry to grow in 2011 with businesses increasing their spending on technology, a KPMG survey found.

According to the survey, cloud computing is the primary reason for optimism for 2011. Overall, 54 percent of respondents said they expected the cloud to have a significant positive impact on the technology industry in the coming year.

Mobile technologies are also expected to create opportunities for growth, as 51 percent of respondents told KPMG they would improve enterprise operations in the next year. Virtualization and advanced analytics are also creating new opportunities for technological growth in businesses.

"Almost nine out of 10 executives said they expect business conditions in the technology sector to improve in 2011, including stronger revenue," said Gary Matuszak, global chair for the information, communication and entertainment practice at KPMG.

According to a report from Money Control, the integration of cloud computing and mobile technologies is creating new opportunities for productivity in the enterprise. Cloud computing allows mobile to devices to run advanced applications beyond the inherent limitations of their hardware, generating growth potential in the industry, the report said.