While cloud based services can save a lot of money when implemented correctly, enterprises that don't take costs and other aspects of the cloud into consideration may end up spending more than intended, according to TechTarget's Jeff Cogswell.

"There are ways to keep the costs of cloud computing down, but with proprietary software, in-house development and open source options, the right choice is not always clear," Cogswell wrote. "Though there is no one-size-fits-all answer for controlling cloud costs, with the right information, an enterprise can choose an option that works."

Companies must look at the cost of having an in-house cloud development solution versus purchasing a cloud. Businesses can also enable their own IT department to write their own applications and avoid a vendor's fee, but there are costs that go with all of these solutions and each company will need to take a look at how it is built to determine the best possible solution.

Beth Stackpole wrote on InformationWeek that there is no magic formula for managing some of cloud based services' hidden costs, but companies need to strive for real-time visibility in the cloud to more effectively manage bills.