At the recent Cloud Leadership Forum, a survey was conducted among attendees to provide conference officials with key data concerning the cloud, reports Network Computing. According to the report, web-hosted service providers will become major player in the IT field, as 79 percent of respondents claim these companies stand to profit from the computing craze.

As the cloud becomes more ingrained in the enterprise, a greater number of companies will become virtual service providers themselves. The news source claims most organizations deploy their own platform to either protect enterprise data or deliver more responsive services to their customers.

Accordingly, this platform usage may change the nature of the company itself.

"Creators of private clouds are becoming a cloud service provider," said Richard Villars, vice president of storage and IT executive strategies at International Data Corporation. "Today they see themselves as a law firm; tomorrow they discover they’re an e-discovery analytics firm."

The cloud may also empower legacy systems and existing business functions. According to InformationWeek, the on-demand capabilities of the cloud may mean greater IT department flexibility, especially for companies with limited technology departments.