With companies finding success in backing up data and documents, many are now moving to cloud computing for Recovery-as-a-Service to meet new business challenges. Ian Masters, U.K. and Ireland sales director for Vision Solutions, said businesses need to prove to customers that they have a good recovery program if they want to start benefiting from the cloud surge.

"Recovery-as-a-Service involves adding more interactivity and support for running workloads as part of the overall cloud offering," Masters said in an opinion piece on Channel Pro. "This ability to run machines 'in the cloud' not only differentiates Recovery-as-a-Service or cloud recovery offerings from standard cloud storage offerings, it also offers higher margin and consulting opportunities with customers going forward."

Masters said cloud backup is typically the same as what other online backup companies offer, but improves upon traditional options by providing enhanced business continuity and support.

Although some companies may be fine using a simple online backup solution, businesses that want the most effective and advanced recovery services may want to explore cloud-based options.