Technology is one of the biggest expenses that schools have, so the cost saving methods of cloud computing services may be a godsend for many districts looking to cut money from their budget. One school spoke with the Guardian and said the company didn't want a one-size-fits-all system, as executives believed that it would end up causing downtime at some point. Pool Academy in Cornwall, England, now has their own cloud, and ICT manager Phil Jones said things are now much more efficient and easier.

"ICT is always a big drain on a school budget, and any way we can save money is a massive help," Jones said to the news source. However, for him, the main attraction was flexibility and the reduction of downtime for the school.

Paul Hynes, vice principal of the George Spencer Academy in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, told The Guardian that a group he works with, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, helped put together a project called Save Me a Million and promised to do that for schools with the cloud in just a few short years via cutting printing costs, among other ways. said each district and school needs to make sure cloud based services are safe for the things they are using it for. For example, student records may be more difficult to keep safe, but if a school can use the cloud well, it can come in very handy and help save money.