Larger enterprises and organizations have been finding a lot of usefulness in cloud computing services over the past few years, but according to a recent report by the Manchester Business School in the U.K., startup companies have probably been seeing the largest increase in success via cloud based services. Joe McKendrick pointed out on Forbes that startups using the cloud may end up leading to the next entrepreneurial boom.

Numbers from this report show:
- 90 percent of businesses started in the last three years said the cloud has made doing business easier.
- 52 percent of startups said they couldn't afford to have an on-premise set up, so the cloud has helped them launch.
- 56 percent of companies said the cloud has helped boost profits, with 49 percent saying it has been a key growth factor.

"Cloud computing is heralding a boon for startups at a time when they are most needed," Brian Nicholson at Manchester Business School said. "By making high-end computing resources available on flexible payment terms at the push of a button, we are significantly reducing the level of investment required to set up shop. It has arguably never been easier to start a business, and much of that is down to the flexibility of cloud computing."