Organizations have been using cloud based services to save money and become more efficient over the past many years, but researchers at the University of California, San Diego said small companies and developing countries could use cloud computing solutions to help even out the economic landscape, according to The Guardian.

"The decreasing cost of cloud computing has allowed Third World countries to utilize the cloud in the same way developed countries have in the past," the news source said. "Developing countries such as India, Mexico and South Africa have seen increases in internet adoption rates as it becomes more affordable to access it. Cloud computing increases commerce in these countries by facilitating their entrance into the global market."

The report showed that the cloud has created more jobs by reducing the costs for starting new businesses and implementing new products, something that should help small and medium-sized companies across the world, so long as they have internet access available.

David Linthicum wrote about this report on InfoWorld, and said cloud computing solutions can be used from the ground up for many of these developing areas without the same resistance companies in the United States get from executives, making it a much easier transition in the adoption of the technology.