Due to privacy fears and heavier laws that most countries, Canada has been slow on the uptake as far as cloud computing solutions is concerned. While there are predictions that the technology will grow across the U.S.'s neighbor the the north, they may be behind the 8-ball already, according to Cloud Times.

"Technically, the chips are against Canada because cloud technology gives its adopters speed, agility and operational cost advantages," the website said. "Which means those who are late to the party tend to be left in the dust. Ultimately, what Canada needs is for organizations, corporations and government partners need to accept that change is needed as soon as possible."

Help should also come from bigger companies that are trying to serve Canada the cloud, according to Cloud Times, as they can set up shop locally and give these companies an opportunity to work with the technology instead of worrying so much about the local privacy laws and the negative effects that may pop up.

Even though Canada is behind now, a report by IDC showed that nearly 1.2 million cloud computing jobs will be created across the U.S. and Canada. This goes to show the importance of embracing the cloud industry.