One training center in Las Vegas is teaching area businesses how to cut their impact on the environment while reducing IT costs, according to an article published Thursday.

Free seminars from the Learning Center in Las Vegas offer advice for IT departments on ways to cut energy consumption and reduce carbon footprints, CBS affiliate KLAS reported. Some of the tips offered by the seminars are as simple as tweaking settings in computer control panels or turning off computers at night.

"It's really simple. I challenge you if you use a PC look at where the control panel is on your PC and set it to conserve energy," the Learning Center's Nield Montgomery told the television station.

"Green IT" has received heightened attention from the government in recent years as policymakers have searched for way to cut the environmental impact of computing while reducing IT costs, the article noted.

Cloud computing has been credited as one way that enterprises can reduce their environmental impact, because it allows many different organizations to use one centralized set of hardware. A number of SaaS service providers offer hosted business applications as alternatives to traditional on-premise software.