Why enterprise private cloud is failing  [02/26/2013]
For all of the enterprise cloud based services now out on the market, James Staten wrote on Forrester's blog that may seem to be failing. He said the IT operations team were told to make it work, the companies have purchased the cloud and it still is not being used by developers. Why? Staten said the approach of many companies is wrong with deployment of the cloud.
Companies must ask the right questions in cloud migration  [02/26/2013]
While moving into cloud computing solutions can do a lot of good things for businesses, Joe McKendrick wrote on Forbes that many businesses simply aren't asking the right questions.
California delivers new cloud  [02/26/2013]
There are many who are still unclear on what exactly cloud based services are, but that may all change very soon. GovTech said the California Office of Technology Services (OTech), which will start providing cloud computing solutions and services to constituents very soon, may clear a lot of the cloud confusion up for users everywhere. OTech Director Ron Hughes said there are currently $300 million available to his division, as well as 800 staff members and they hope to offer cloud advantages to many residents of the state.
Picking the first cloud migration  [02/26/2013]
There is no need to rush when it comes to the adoption of cloud computing services. Enterprises should be looking into the cloud, but also be aware that it needs to be done slowly and methodically to get the best possible results. An important factor, according to David Linthicum, is safety, so companies should first look to pick a system or set of data to migrate that has low visibility in the enterprise.
Cloud helping to save schools money  [02/26/2013]
Technology is one of the big expenses that schools have, so the cost saving methods of cloud computing services may be a godsend for many districts looking to cut money from their budget.
Cloud helping new startup companies  [02/26/2013]
Larger enterprises and organizations have been finding a lot of usefulness in cloud computing services over the past few years, but according to a recent report by the Manchester Business School in the U.K., startup companies have probably been seeing the largest increase in success via cloud based services. Joe McKendrick pointed out on Forbes that startups using the cloud may end up leading to the next entrepreneurial boom.
PCI Council offers clarity on mobile, cloud issues  [02/26/2013]
With many ecommerce companies and retailers moving into cloud computing solutions, it has become more important than ever to have a security measure in place. The PCI Council recently released two sets of guidelines that offer up tips on how to secure the cloud and mobile environments when it comes to the storage of cardholder data.
Most companies use hybrid approach to secure mobile  [02/22/2013]
When it comes to securing a bring your own device policy, a recent report from Wisegate shows that companies are using more of a hybrid approach over the past year. This means greater access can be granted to more secure devices and less access to devices that are less secure. In 2012, 35 percent of respondents used this approach, 15 percentage points more than in 2011.
Cloud maturity adding to industry security  [02/22/2013]
Cloud maturity adding to industry security
Macs become bigger part of BYOD  [02/22/2013]
The bring your own device trend has become hugely popular among businesses of all sizes, but Mac's iOS has been somewhat controversial. Many people have these devices, but companies may not have the MDM services in place to let these iPhones and iPads come into use.