Agencies either do well or poorly with BYOD  [02/29/2012]
Mobile device management and the bring your own device revolution have grown rapidly over the past two years, but some businesses and federal agencies haven't quite kept pace with the trend. A new survey by MeriTalk, which included responses from 152 federal CIOs and IT executives, found more than half of federal agencies already let employees use their own mobile devices at work, but most of the others don't and have no plans to.
Offense the best defense in cloud computing and IT, RSA says  [02/29/2012]
The IT industry may need to go on the offensive for better security, RSA executive chairman Art Coviello said on Feb. 28 at the annual RSA Conference. He said since the RSA experienced a breach, it has learned from the incident and made changes to help improve cloud computing and IT security.
Cloud computing comes to assist Hollywood effects  [02/28/2012]
A digital effects company in Hollywood is looking to utilize cloud computing to improve its operations, according to Data Knowledge Center. Digital Domain started using a cloud computing solution to help "harness distributed computing nodes in a cloud rendering system," according to the news source.
Cloud security alliance looks to push innovation, mobile technology forward  [02/28/2012]
Cloud computing has been moving at a quicker pace than most new forms of technology, and the Cloud Security Alliance said it has some new initiatives to help take advantage of this. The CSA wants to help the industry prepare for the cloud by helping keep mobile threats at bay and pushing more innovation.
Mobile device management should take multiple devices into account  [02/28/2012]
With the iPad 3 expected to be released later this year and other devices picking up steam in the tablet industry, multiple platform mobile device management is more important for businesses than ever, according to Curt Finch, CEO and founder of Journyx. He said it is predicted the market for this type of management will grow to at least $500 million by 2014 and said companies should keep it in mind.
Ask the right questions before moving to cloud computing  [02/28/2012]
Before moving into a cloud computing solution, companies need to ask some important questions of their provider, according to information security journalist Davey Winder on CloudPro.
Study shows lower security incidents in cloud computing  [02/27/2012]
While security has been a worry of many looking into cloud computing, one company's new research shows that it could be a non-issue.
Survey finds gap in understanding of big data, cloud  [02/24/2012]
A new survey by LogLogic, which included responses from 207 company directors, found there are still some misconceptions about big data. Forty-nine percent of respondents said they were somewhat or very concerned about it, and 38 percent still don't have a clear understanding of what it is. Another 72 percent said they lack the tools to manage data for their existing and future cloud environments.
Mobile payments more secure in the cloud  [02/23/2012]
With cloud computing, mobile payments can be more secure, says Prashanth Ranganathan, director of mobile security and risk for PayPal. In a guest post on Forbes, Ranganathan writes that mobile payments managed correctly can actually increase the security of information from plastic credit and debit cards.
Cloud computing helps online retailers  [02/23/2012]
A new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit and IBM found that 90 percent of more than 572 business and technology executives surveyed expect to have the cloud implemented at their building wtihin the next three years and 41 percent have "substantially implemented" the cloud.