Cloud set to cover China  [02/28/2011]
As the cloud computing industry continues to expand worldwide, China is expected to see rapid growth in cloud revenues, according to a study conducted by market research firm CCID Consulting.
Expert: Cloud computing more than a buzz word  [02/28/2011]
Considerable hype has surrounded the concept of cloud computing in recent years. According to experienced CIO and cloud expert Fred Mapp, this hype is justified. The cloud, according to Mapp, has much to offer businesses.
New incubator to address software license management challenges in the cloud  [02/28/2011]
The Distributed Management Task Force, a body that brings together organizations from the IT industry to collaborate on systems management standards development, promotion, validation and adoption, recently announced the formation of a group to discuss the issue of software license management in cloud computing environments.
Gartner: Worldwide server market growing  [02/28/2011]
In a trend that may be affected by the rise of cloud computing, research firm Gartner recently reported the worldwide server market experienced growth in the final quarter of 2010.
IT fair to show off cloud  [02/28/2011]
Cloud computing is set to play a central part in the world's largest IT industry fair, CeBit.
Study: Property companies ascending to the cloud  [02/28/2011]
According to a recent study conducted by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, the property industry is likely to see wide-scale adoption of cloud computing in the near future.
Report: Cloud storage key for effective smarphone use  [02/28/2011]
A growing number of organizations are investing in mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for their employees. According to a recent Data Center Knowledge report, cloud computing is central to the growth in enterprise smartphone and tablet use.
Study: Cloud to create thousands of jobs  [02/25/2011]
As cloud computing is adopted by a growing number of companies worldwide, the cloud is expected to contribute to the creation of millions of new jobs, across a range of sectors.
Cloud, grid to take center stage at conference  [02/25/2011]
Two rapidly growing IT trends - grid technology and cloud computing - are set to be discussed at an upcoming conference.
Expert: Cloud reduces need for IT skills  [02/25/2011]
A feature of the IT industry has always been a constant need for professionals to learn new skills. According to a recent Global Knowledge report, however, this trend can sometimes be reversed - new technologies can render existing skills redundant.