Microsoft, NSF access partner in cloud computing  [02/26/2010]
The New York Times reported earlier this month that the National Science Foundation and Microsoft reached an agreement that allows American researchers free access to Microsoft's cloud computing services.
Vendor selection priority top for companies moving to cloud  [02/26/2010]
In a recently released report, the Hostway Corporation concluded that the most important decision for a company to make when moving to cloud computing is vendor selection. Every company has different features, and carefully selecting the right vendor can make the difference between a good and bad experience.
Cloud computing community unites to boost security  [02/26/2010]
Hesitance on the part of businesses to move into the cloud has forced SaaS companies to join forces with web security companies to develop SaaS systems that are highly secure, according to Network World.
Experts: Only goal of cloud computing is cost reduction  [02/26/2010]
In an article for Network World, cloud computing experts Steve Taylor and Jim Metzler state that while there are numerous definitions of cloud computing and limitless capability, the only goal of it is to provide IT services at a lower cost.
Salesforce.com proves SaaS, cloud computing is the future  [02/25/2010]
Citing its largest revenues ever, CRM industry leader SalesForce.com recently claimed that cloud computing is the reason it has moved from a fringe company to a billion-dollar enterprise.
SaaS providers can change small business  [02/24/2010]
Part of the allure of SaaS providers is having access to a complete IT team without having to employ a whole set of programmers and developers. According to Cloud Computing Journal, SaaS providers should use this when marketing themselves to smaller business.
Report: Smartphone application market will reach $12 billion by 2014  [02/23/2010]
Cloud-based Smartphone application stores will likely become a $12 billion market by 2014, according to a report from Juniper Research, a telecommunication analysis firm based in the UK.
Cloud computing provides better disaster recovery capabilities  [02/23/2010]
Robert Lovell, CEO of ThinkGrid, a cloud computing solutions provider based in the UK believes that small businesses do not adequately prepare themselves for potential disaster relief, according to Experian QAS.
Ignoring desktop security until end of project considered biggest mistake  [02/23/2010]
Companies implementing cloud computing solutions often wait until the end of the job to properly consider desktop security, according to Info World. Cloud systems, while easy to use, are highly complex and experts believe companies must lay out specific responsibilities for individual employees to maintain proper security and functionality.
Cloud computing making cloud providers' stocks attractive  [02/22/2010]
The increased use of SaaS and other cloud computing solutions has made the stocks of some providers especially attractive buys as consumers look to get back into the stock market with the economy finally on its way to recovery, according to SeekingAlpha.com.