Cloud may dramatically change healthcare in 2013  [12/31/2012]
MarketsandMarkets recently reported that the cloud in healthcare would be a $5.4 billion market by 2017, so it appears that the industry will be turning to the cloud in a big way over the next few years.
Companies need to communicate BYOD policies  [12/28/2012]
Companies that implement a bring your own device policy must be sure to inform employees on proper protocol, as a recent Twitter poll by Globo showed that 68 percent of employees said they use their devices for work while only 29 percent said their company actually has a policy in place.
Monitor security incidents for better BYOD implementation  [12/27/2012]
Although endpoint security is important, one IT professional said monitoring security incidents in a bring your own device plan is key for making sure the program is locked down.
Government agencies want BYOD guidance  [12/26/2012]
U.S. government agencies want better guidance from the White House in regard to safe and efficient ways to enact a bring your own device policy, according to a recent report from the Chief Information Officers Council. These agencies are also looking for ways to handle BYOD's cost-related concerns, as they want to know how, when and whether they should be reimbursing employees who use their own devices.
UK companies still don't exert much BYOD control  [12/24/2012]
There are a lot of positives that can come from implementing a bring your own device strategy, but it can hurt a company if it is left unprotected.
More cloud jobs will be available in coming years  [12/21/2012]
Although a recent report by the International Data Corporation showed that there are many cloud computing jobs open and even more to come, the workforce and their skill level may not be able to adequately fill these openings.
Creating the best possible cloud plan for 2013  [12/20/2012]
This is a make or break year for the cloud, so a good plan can go a long way in helping determine if a company will be successful or not with their move.
BYOD and social media two of 2013's top enterprise level threats  [12/19/2012]
There are plenty of new security challenges out there for every business, but eWeek reported that the rise of the bring your own device policy and social media are likely among two of the biggest threats for 2013.
Don't repeat the mistakes of the web with the cloud  [12/18/2012]
While David Linthcium said on InfoWorld that many have told him cloud computing solutions are a completely unique technology that has not been seen in years past, he doesn't completely buy it and said there is the same potential for mistakes with the cloud as there was with the web when it first started in the 1990s.
Department of Defense outlines BYOD tips  [12/18/2012]
Teri Takai, the Department of Defense's chief information officer, said the agency's new mobile strategy will allow a wide variety of devices to boost the efficiency of the workforce.