New national defense bill may help cloud computing thrive  [12/30/2011]
With the passing of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, Jerry Bishop writes on Internet Evolution that he believes cloud computing may get a big boost.
Mobile opportunities at businesses just starting to thrive  [12/29/2011]
With bring-your-own-device becoming increasingly popular at companies across the United States, Galen Gruman writes on InfoWorld that "you ain't seen nothing yet." Gruman said mobile device management could become even more essential for businesses during 2012.
IT professionals will look at cloud computing more next year  [12/29/2011]
While TechTarget said cloud computing adoption has been slow by enterprise IT professionals, 2012 may be a year where the technology finally gains a solid footing.
Mobile device management important for banks  [12/29/2011]
With employees bringing iPhones, BlackBerrys and other smartphone and tablets to work, banks need to protect their cloud networks with a mobile device management system. American Banker said companies need to start to reign in these devices and make sure employees are using them in a way that will not harm the company.
Customers should ask security questions before entering cloud  [12/29/2011]
Before a company or individual adopts a cloud computing solution, Sridhar Sarathy, vice president of India operations at Juniper Networks, said they need to ask certain questions about the service's security.
Cloud computing storage to continue strong moves in 2012  [12/29/2011]
The growth of cloud computing storage should continue well into 2012, according to a post on Network Computing. Carl Brooks, an analyst for Tier1 Research, said there could be many "cloud gateway" products to let people slowly make their way into a cloud solution.
Misinformation and a lack of understanding stop businesses from adopting cloud  [12/28/2011]
While many businesses have seen the cost and efficiency benefits of adopting cloud computing for one, many, or all applications at a business, eWeek said many companies have a lack of understanding and information about the platform. This may hurt adoption at many companies, which could find benefits in the cloud.
Mobile device management could prevent viruses  [12/28/2011]
One of the big trends of 2011 was mobile malware, and it is expected to become even more prevalent in 2012.
Businesses should make mobile device management a priority  [12/28/2011]
With more employees bringing their own mobile, smartphone and tablet devices to work, Channel Insider said businesses need to prepare themselves for the bring-your-own-device era with mobile device management.
Cloud computing in India could reach $16 billion by 2020  [12/28/2011]
Cloud computing has been growing across the world, and India is no exception. Silicon India said the cloud market in the country could be worth as much as $16 billion by 2020, with the global cloud market growing at a 33 percent rate per year to about $680 billion by 2020.