Report: Cloud levels the IT playing field  [12/30/2010]
Historically, smaller companies often struggle to keep up with larger ones because they do not have the capital resources to deploy a competitive technological infrastructure. According to a recent Hindustan Times report, cloud computing is changing this by removing the need for internal IT architecture and closing the gap between small businesses and major corporations.
Expert: Cloud's expansion could continue  [12/30/2010]
By the end of 2010, cloud computing had taken years of slow expansion and snowballing hype, creating a new movement in technology that is taking businesses by storm. While the cloud has been around for almost a decade, it's expansion prior to 2010 was somewhat ponderous.
CRM upgrades leading to cloud computing growth  [12/30/2010]
In 2000, many customer relationship companies underwent sweeping technological upgrades. Typically, organizations make strategic moves of this nature every decade, and a recent report from CRM Buyer said many organizations will be using the cloud as the foundation for their new IT infrastructure. As a result, the report anticipates cloud computing to grow substantially in the CRM industry next year.
More growth expected for the cloud in 2011  [12/30/2010]
In 2010, cloud computing matured and became a prominent, mainstream technology in the enterprise. According to a recent ZDNet report, 2011 will be noted for the cloud's continued maturation and overwhelming impact on businesses. By the time the year is over, the cloud will have transformed numerous process and created an important revolution in the technology industry, the report said.
Report: Cloud is energizing IT  [12/29/2010]
IT departments have spent many years plodding behind the scenes, making sure everything stays afloat and performing the important, but menial tasks associated with maintaining internal technological systems. According to a recent report from Windows IT Pro, this will change in 2011, as cloud computing allows companies to flexibly deploy technological resources, freeing IT departments from their maintenance-related tasks.
Mobile devices creating new requirements for enterprise security  [12/29/2010]
Businesses are increasingly turning to mobile devices in an effort to allow employees to work from remote locations and during hours of their choice. However, a recent report from TechNewsWorld said mobile devices create a new set of security concerns that organizations must address.
Management critical to cloud success  [12/29/2010]
In a recent report from uptime software, Alex Bewley, the company's CTO, said cloud computing can significantly impact a company for the better by reducing IT costs and improving operational efficiency. However, Bewley also said a mismanaged cloud plan can prove disastrous.
Cyberthreats evolving into serious business  [12/29/2010]
In 2010, new forms of malware were developed, led by Stuxnet, that ushered in a new era of cyber crime. According to a report from MSNBC, Stuxnet was a uniquely crafted malware worm because it was designed to avoid striking against the average internet user. Instead, its designed limited its range to industrial machines on closed networks, specifically targeting areas where it could do significant damage without impacting the international populace.
Executives optimistic about IT growth in 2011  [12/28/2010]
After a tumultuous 2009 and the plodding recovery mixed with fears of a double dip recession in 2010, IT executives expect the industry to grow in 2011 with businesses increasing their spending on technology, a KPMG survey found.
Cloud computing changing the emphasis of software development  [12/27/2010]
A recent report from Money Control said software has traditionally been developed with a focus on the products look and feel, without concern for its usability. As a result, applications required significant training and often had long learning curves.