The future of security services is in the cloud, says Symantec SVP  [12/31/2009]
One of the primary barriers to cloud computing adoption has historically been security. Ironically enough, security services are increasingly shifting toward a cloud computing-based delivery model, said Symantec senior vice president Adrian Chamberlain.
SaaS growth to continue in 2010, bolstered by office automation apps and on-premise integration  [12/31/2009]
This year was often identified as the year of cloud computing, as SaaS and other cloud services dominated IT hype and media attention. But will SaaS keep riding the wave of attention, or is it destined to lose steam?
USGA depends on cloud computing, looks to increase cloud projects  [12/30/2009]
Though many companies are concerned about the security implications of cloud computing-based data hosting and backup, some organizations are huge proponents of cloud computing offerings, such as the United States Golf Association.
Private cloud computing deployments offer benefits to SMBs, if developed thoughtfully  [12/30/2009]
Previously perceived as a technology resource just for larger companies with more complex IT requirements - and more of an IT budget - private cloud computing deployments, in which companies implement a cloud solution within their own firewall, are gaining in popularity among small and midsize businesses as well.
Virtualization, green IT initiatives can help SMBs save thousands of dollars in energy costs  [12/29/2009]
As many small and midsize businesses continue to focus on reducing IT costs, one option that has become particularly attractive is virtualization.
Small businesses looking to revamp their marketing campaigns may want to invest in demographic research to maximize their profit and revenue, reported small business and entrepreneurship magazine Inc.  [12/29/2009]
The new year is expected to bring even more opportunities for collaboration and communication, but will bring more threats to network and desktop security in turn, said a recent report.
Outsourcing IT has shifted to multi-sourcing IT, says Hewlett-Packard CTO  [12/28/2009]
There is an evolution occurring in the IT outsourcing industry, thanks partly to the growth of cloud computing, said Jamie Erbes, chief technology officer for Hewlett-Packard Software and Solutions.
Private cloud computing deployments can improve IT integration, expert says  [12/28/2009]
Private cloud computing deployments are often seen as a solution to security concerns about public cloud offerings, but they have also been growing in popularity thanks to another function - simplifying integration challenges.
Netbooks grow in market share, thanks to - and contributing to - popularity of cloud computing  [12/24/2009]
Lending support to the recent skyrocketing popularity of cloud computing, the market for netbooks seems to be overpowering that of regular notebooks, according to recent research from Display Search.
Windows 7 upgrades drive growth in enterprise PC spending, boast high satisfaction rate  [12/24/2009]
It turns out the cure to the recession's focus on reducing IT costs has found an antidote - in the release of Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system.