Managing cloud computing services is becoming more important for businesses than ever, as Wired said companies are looking to corral their growing portfolio of cloud applications. With a management platform, businesses can monitor and control apps across multiple clouds and ensure that they will be secure and agile. There are a few things companies should look for in a management platform, including an ability to simplify complexity.

"With all this customization comes the very complexity that many are trying to escape by moving away from traditional data centers," the website said. "Effective cloud management gives you the customization required for [infrastructure as a service] to be successful along with management tools versioning, source control, and configuration management ­ to keep it all under control."

Other useful features to have in a cloud management suite include the ability to take care of multiple clouds, an automation feature allowing some tasks to be taken off the business' hands, cost control and management and looking at analytics to build better clouds and environments for the future.

Mary Johnston Turner, an analyst at IDC, said management in cloud based services becomes important because it can be a "gotcha" for companies in the cloud if they don't have applications running well, so organizations should be concerned about good management techniques.