Though many companies are concerned about the security implications of cloud computing-based data hosting and backup, some organizations are huge proponents of cloud computing offerings, such as the United States Golf Association.

The USGA uses IBM's cloud offerings to do nightly backups for mission-critical data, USGA managing director for information technologies Jessica Carroll told Computer World. She noted that the off-site storage of data provides extra reassurance of data protection and recovery in the event of a localized disaster.

In addition, Carroll praised cloud computing for its ability to ensure email continuity, something that she called the "lifeblood" of her organization.

"With cloud backup, if we have a situation where our internal systems go down, we can, through the internet, flip over to our web-based email system via IBM, using our own email addresses, and the staff barely would even know what happened," she told the news provider.

Going forward, Carroll plans to reduce the number of servers in the USGA data center and switch to cloud-based testing and development.

Cloud computing was recently identified as one of the top two most popular areas of focus for business technology executives in the coming year, according to a survey from InformationWeek Analytics.

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