Information technology professionals in a growing number of businesses are challenged with the integration of cloud computing into business operations. However, according to Windows IT Pro this movement to the cloud may become a national standard, as the federal government has taken drastic steps to incorporate the platform within its various agencies.

The governmental IT reform is headed by the U.S. chief information officer, Vivek Kundra. The CIO is a stalwart supporter of cloud computing, reports the Washington Post, and believes that all government agencies should consider some form of data outsourcing. Furthermore, he has the tenacity to get the job done.

"We haven’t had an executive like Vivek pushing as hard," David Powner, director of information technology management issues at the Government Accountability Office, told the news source. "This is exactly what the federal government needs."

Government encouragement has been a key part of the cloud computing industry's overall adoption. Accordingly, businesses and agencies looking to implement the platform must stress interoperability between their different cloud services. According to Daily Tech, the National Security Administration has recently begun work on "the Quad," which is rumored to be a cloud-based access portal for a number of different federal divisions.