While most businesses are looking to cloud computing for savings from their budget, Joe McKendrick writes on Forbes that companies should do research and ask questions of their providers and themselves before making the switch to the cloud. He said the Cloud Computing for Business book by The Open Group offers some good questions to ask.

One question is to ask before the switch is if a business situation is "vertical," or made up of a single business process or small number of processes with consistent requirements that can be considered a single set, McKendrick said. He said these are good candidates for the cloud. He said another important question is to consider if there are any business impediments to the cloud.

"More cloud-specific barriers include highly customized resources; such as enterprise licenses; policy restrictions on resource sharing or on control of configuration changes; too few potential subscribers; unacceptable service level agreements from cloud providers; and unacceptable recovery point objective and recovery time objective performance by cloud providers," according to McKendrick.

Michael Healey of Information Week said that businesses need to figure out their support plan for cloud computing before moving fully into it. He said make sure to have a support plan both inside and outside of the cloud provider to be fully protected.

For more information, check out the video "Choosing a Cloud Provider."