Enterprise cloud computing company Salesforce.com recently completed a month-long campaign, during which 30 new apps were released for the company's Force.com platform.

The campaign, entitled 30 Apps in 30 Days, ran for the month of November and is part of the company's Force.com Labs program, an initiative aimed at fostering the development of employees' ideas and code.

The final three new applications, Chatter RSS, Milestones and SurveyForce, were released at the end of the month.

The new applications serve a number of different purposes. Milestones is designed to integrate project management into the Force.com platform in new ways. Chatter RSS enables employees to incorporate RSS feeds into their Chatter feeds. SurveyForce offers users the ability to create surveys using a drag-and-drop interface.

All of the new applications can be downloaded from Salesforce.com AppExchange.

The Force.com Labs initiative has received a warm welcome in the industry. "Force.com Labs apps continue to deliver tremendous value," said Geraldine Gray, a senior business analyst. "Layered with the social capabilities of Cloud 2, these apps make great additions to my toolset."

Salesforce.com is widely regarded as a cloud computing innovator. The company recently announced it will host Cloudstock, a gathering for international cloud computing leaders that will be held in December.