Lately, open source cloud computing services have become bigger, according to eWeek, and there are some definite pros and cons to using these public cloud services. The first big positive, the news source said, is the flexibility it gives businesses.

"By definition, open-source clouds offer a higher degree of flexibility than their proprietary rivals," according to the news source. "Rather than simply reading manuals or attending training sessions, customers can read and modify the code itself and participate in various projects by contributing software code, starting a related open-source project, providing documentation or holding free seminars."

Open source cloud services also offers cost savings, control and portability, eWeek said. On the negative side, companies have to watch out for getting locked into one vendor and losing flexibility, keep an eye out to make sure costs don't balloon and make sure it is worth it before they move into the cloud.

TechTarget said one big great thing about open source cloud computing services is how it can level the playing field for smaller companies looking to make headway in the world of big business, as they can be more agile, efficient and pay less for big time services.