Small - and - medium sized businesses are often strapped for cash, and, as a result, look for IT solutions that will save time and money. The cloud may be a cost-effective alternative to help SMBs achieve this end.

Specialized cloud applications and hosted services may be the tools that take independent enterprises to new heights. According to IT Pro Portal, Amax has recently distributed its newest cloud offering, CloudMax. The private cloud, which comes packaged with applications software, is marketed to small businesses look for information technology solutions.

"We are empowering organizations to improve their IT responsiveness and increase computing utilization - one cloud at a time," Jean Shih, president of Amax, said in a statement.

Experts say that SMBs are the backbone of the U.S. economy, which is slowly rebounding. Further technology solutions may optimize their operations, allowing for growth to resume.

European small business are also getting in on the cloud action. According to a recent report by the Cloud Industry Forum, U.K. SMBs are quick to adopt the virtualized data service. The CIF survey found that 48 percent of British businesses have already initiated some form of cloud computing, and even more are considering the switch.